Racer Downing paves way for win

EXPERIENCED pro Russell Downing made all his know-how count as he played a key role in helping sprint supremo Mark Cavendish to another win.

The Rotherham racer, from Thurcroft, was taking part in the Olympic cycling test event as a member of the British team. Downing paced the race perfectly for Cavendish up until 1km from the end, making sure he was well set for the final push.

Then his team-mate pushed on to secure first place in the London-Surrey Cycle Classic and give spectators a taste of what to expect this time next year.

Downing said: "It was a mega race. The atmosphere was incredible, you could get a real sense of what it will be like a the Olympics. No part of the course didn’t have people cheering us on."

He wasn’t too disheartened about not winning himself either, showing he put the team first above himself.

“My job was to lead the team between 2km from the end to 1km. Cav was one of the favourites to take the race, so I did my job,” he added.

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