LETTER: On a hiding to nothing

EVERY paper carried Theresa (Snow White) May’s photo on her visit to Yorkshire when she asked everybody to vote only for her.

Nine months a Prime Minister and her only visit to Yorkshire. She’s a two-faced thick-skinned Tory.

She never mentioned what since 2010 the Conservatives have done for Yorkshire. She couldn’t as they’ve done nowt.

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Until June 8 we will see people who never visit or think of this area in their lives but it’s election time and they want our vote.

Idiots like that Donald Trump look-a-like Boris Johnson. Then there is Jeremy Hunt, who doesn’t know how to put a plaster on but tells the NHS how to carry on.

I think this election will be followed by another referendum. Why? Well, London’s financial centre wanted to merge with Germany’s and the answer was no.

It’s not only chocolate that’s leaving these shores, other jobs will follow.

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Theresa May knows we are all up against 27 countries who will protect their jobs.

She, in my opinion does not want to leave and now knows we are on a bloody good hiding to nothing.

At the moment Snow White’s all shout and no knickers. Perhaps that’s why she’s got leather trousers.

Richard Billups, East Avenue, Rawmarsh