Around the world by tuk-tuk

ROTHERHAM fund-raisers Kevan Pulfrey and Alexander are planning a marathon round-the-world trip . . . by three-wheeled tuk-tuk

The Wickersley step-brothers aim to drive their silver, 600cc auto-rickshaw, which they picked up for £1,000 from a Liverpool limo firm, through 37 countries and back.

They hope to raise cash for Alzheimer’s Society and STARS, a charity helping people suffering from Syncope (sudden loss of consciousness) and blackouts.

Kevan, who suffers from Syncope, and Alexander, also hope their trip will be a world first and will put them in the Guinness Book of Records.

Kevan (40) and Alexander (29) will set off in September from Vasco’s restaurant in Wickersley, whose owner Trevor Dakin, has donated £1,000 in sponsorship to their fund-raising mission.

The lads got the idea when they rode in a tuk-tuk on a trip to Cambodia.

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“Tuk-tuks are a flexible and highly adaptable form of transport in the Far East. They are used as taxis, mini-buses, delivery trucks and even waste disposal vehicles,” said Alexander.

“We are confident that ours can take on the world."

The intrepid duo are inviting sponsorship before they set off on the trip, which they expect to take the best part of a year.

They will also be inviting supporters to help them decide their next move when they come to a fork in the road by suggesting by text whether the should go left of right.

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