Is it "last orders" for Wetherspoons' Rhinoceros pub in Rotherham town centre?

By Michael Upton | 05/04/2019

Is it 'last orders' for Wetherspoons' Rhinoceros pub in Rotherham town centre?

ROTHERHAM town centre could be left with just one Wetherspoons pub after the chain said it may shut the Rhinoceros on Bridgegate.

The proposed closure of “The Rhino”  - one of 16 “Spoons” put up for sale - would leave the Bluecoat at the back of the Town Hall as the chain’s last alehouse in town.

The Rhinoceros is named after 1.15-metre Rhinoceros Vase which became the largest single piece of porcelain made in the world when it was fashioned at Swinton’s Rockingham Works in 1826 and is now on display at Clifton Park Museum.

Wetherspoons, which also runs The Church House in Wath and the Queen’s Hotel in Maltby, said it was after a buyer for the 16 pubs under threat.

The pubs will continue to trade as normal but are likely to shut if the agents cannot find any takers.

Wetherspoons said it would look to redeploy staff to its other pubs in the region.

The company previously ran the Corn Law Rhymer on High Street, formerly the Little Tree, but this is now run by Hawthorn Leisure.

Wetherspoons announced the closures after posting a fall in profits, despite increased sales.