MP Alexander Stafford speaks on Sue Gray's Partygate findings

ALEXANDER Stafford has commented on the Sue Gray report into lockdown parties at Downing Street.
Alexander Stafford MPAlexander Stafford MP
Alexander Stafford MP

The Tory MP for Rother Valley said it was time to stop playing politics and focus on the future.

The report had been instigated after concerns were raised regarding “mass gatherings” inside Downing Street — involving beer, wine and cheese — during Covid-19.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has since apologised and accepted “full responsibility” for Partygate — despite denying any wrongdoing had taken place just months before. 

Mr Stafford was the last of the area’s MPs to comment on the Gray report. He said he wanted to get on with the job as the UK faces threats both nationally and globally.

He added: “Like so many, I have been disappointed by those who have hypocritically not followed the rules that they supported to put in place. 

“Yet, most constituents that I talk to now are fed up with the small minded, petty sanctimonious attacks for party political advantage. 

“Let’s focus on jobs, the cost of living, Ukraine, inflation and boat crossings — rather than whether or not Keir Starmer had a beer, Nicola Sturgeon wore a mask or Boris Johnson ate a slice of cake.”

When strict tiers were introduced in 2020, Mr Stafford said they would not have been needed if people had followed the rules.

He told the BBC at the time: “We’ve got to take this seriously, people are still dying. I am disappointed we are in tier 3. I am disappointed we have the coronavirus.”

Ignoring the rules was endangering lives, he added.