MPs react to publication of Sue Gray report and Boris Johnson's leadership

MPs react to publication of Sue Gray report and Boris Johnson's leadership

By Chris Brayford | 27/05/2022

MPs react to publication of Sue Gray report and Boris Johnson's leadership
Should Boris Johnson resign?

MPS SERVING Rotherham, Don Valley and the Valley have had their say on the publication of Sue Gray’s report this week, with a mixed response along party lines.

The investigation was launched following detailed reports that there had been “unlawful lockdown gatherings” at No 10 which had breached Covid-19 restrictions.

Civil servant Ms Gray’s report found there had been “failures of leadership and judgement” by those in charge at Downing Street. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has since apologised over the debacle and taken “full responsibility” for Partygate.

There have been calls for Mr Johnson to resign, which he has rebuffed, while others have defended him and ask the public to “draw a line and move on”.
Sarah Champion, Labour MP for Rotherham, said: “The publication of Sue Gray’s report confirms what has been clear for months. 

“Boris Johnson oversaw a boozy culture in Number 10, which saw Downing Street party while the rest of the country abided by the rules. 

“They believed the rules that they made did not apply to them.

“Boris Johnson’s conduct is an insult to those that have suffered through multiple lockdowns, bereaved families who were unable to properly mourn and the 180,000 people who lost their lives to the disease.

“The Prime Minister has disgraced his office. 

“He has betrayed the trust of the British people and he has lied to Parliament. 

“If he had any shred of decency, he would resign.”

Wentworth & Dearne MP John Healey, also representing Labour, said: “This report exposes the rot at the heart of government, with parties during lockdown that routinely broke the rules. 

“Boris Johnson is the first Prime Minister in British history found guilty of breaking the law in office.”

Mr Healey said Mr Johnson had made and broken the rules but then told Parliament there had been no parties.

“We all made sacrifices to keep ourselves and others safe during Covid, but all the while the Prime Minister and his staff continued their party-culture,” he said.

“This shows contempt for the public the Prime Minister is supposed to serve. 
“Britain deserves better.

“The report also makes clear the buck should stop at the top for this rule-breaking culture but the Prime Minister blames everyone but himself. 

“His failure of leadership has left the government paralysed in the middle of a cost of living crisis, because Boris Johnson's only concern is saving his own skin.”

Nick Fletcher, Conservative MP for Don Valley, said he was supporting his party leader through a difficult situation.

He adds: “I said I would comment on the issues surrounding events at Number 10 once the Sue Gray report was published.

“The report expands on the evidence of poor leadership by senior management within this sprawling complex of offices which is a place of business, and also one where both civil servants and politicians live as well as work.

“A fine was issued. 

“The Prime Minister decided not to contest this for his own reasons.
“Therefore he has accepted this and paid the £50 fine.

“The PM has apologised for these events multiple times.

“But we must draw a line under this period and move on.

“I personally need to get on with my job and continue to bring aspiration and opportunity to our great city and lobby the Government to continue levelling up.”

Rother Valley MP Alexander Stafford did not respond to a request for comment.