Crafty kids raise cash for disaster fund

FOUR dedicated children have come together to help raise money for those suffering in Ukraine.

Sam Taylor (6) had been learning about the ongoing Ukrainian crisis in school, where the class had been involved in tasks which had them fundraising for the relief effort.

Sam’s mum Emma said: “One day Sam came home and decided he wanted to make loom bands to try and help some more.”

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With the help of his brother Charlie (9), Sam contacted his friends Luca (7) and Finlay Blackmoore (10), who live across the street from him in Brecks.

Together, the four of them came up with the idea of creating a stall to sell handmade crafts.

The families then split off, with Luca and Finlay making bird feeders, while Charlie and Sam baked buns and made loom bands, a skill Emma proudly added that they had “taught themselves”.

Having gathered all these crafts, the children set up the stall and began selling, with all the proceeds going to the DEC (Disasters Emergency Committee), which Emma chose based on Sam’s wishes.

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“He’s still young so I asked him what he wanted to do with the money,” she said.

“What he wanted was to help people, so I looked online at charities like The Red Cross, but in the end chose the DEC fund.

“It seemed like they spread the money best to different areas, providing lots of resources and aid to children.”

In the end, the four boys managed to raise a whopping £213.66, which is now going to help those in need.

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“We are really proud of them,” said Emma of the boys’ spectacular effort.

To continue supporting these young heroes’ efforts, you can find out about how to donate to the DEC at

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