Knife mayhem in Rotherham town centre as confrontation erupts in supermarket

Knife incident: Police were told of Samurai swordKnife incident: Police were told of Samurai sword
Knife incident: Police were told of Samurai sword
SEVERAL men - armed with a machete, knife and bat - were seen running amok in Rotherham town centre, sparking a police investigation.

The flare-up came on Monday afternoon, just as South Yorkshire Police started a week of intensive anti-knife crime work under the national initiative, Sceptre.

Events unfolded in front of horrified shoppers mid-afternoon on Monday, when it is reported a chase took place through the Lidl supermarket in Masbrough Street, on the edge of the town centre.

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South Yorkshire Police have confirmed they were called shortly after 3pm and attended the incident.

They believe that a robbery took place on Sunday, with the victim of that incident being a friend of the two men who were in pursuit of the alleged offender as they ran through Lidl, the day after.

Police have been told that when the alleged robbery happened on Sunday, the offender responsible was carrying a samurai sword.

It is unclear where that confrontation took place and whether anyone was injured or lost any possessions.

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On Monday, the man being pursued was alleged to have been armed with a machete, while those following him were carrying a knife and a bat.

When police attended, they searched the area but were unable to locate any of those involved in the incident.

All those involved had, officers were told, run away from the area, each taking a different direction.

There was no CCTV either in the Lidl store, or in the wider area outside, said a police spokesman, leaving the force with no further lines of enquiry.