Wartime workers whose Blitz Spirit shone through on the foundry floor: celebrating South Yorkshire's Women of Steel

FOR more than 60 years, their story was untold,their heroics unrecognised. But South Yorkshire’sarmy of female wartime metalworkers are at last having their moment in the spotlight.

ONE word echoes through the pages of author Michelle Rawlins' affectionate celebration of South Yorkshire's Women of Steel: remarkable.

Theirs was a generation put to the test by rationing, separation from serving loved ones and the devastation of the Blitz.

They were the make-do-and-mend generation, feted for their can-do spirit and love of a Vera Lynn singalong.

But while some had endured tough starts in life, few were prepared for the challenges of life in the steelworks when their men went away to war and the Labour Exchange called on them to step up and fill the gap.


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