VIDEO: Welcome to Swim-ton! Joker takes a dip in the middle of the road as storm causes flash flooding

A DAD put the "swim" into "Swim-ton" - by taking the plunge in flash floodwater.

A JOKER put the “swim” into “Swim-ton” — by taking the plunge in flash floodwater.

Hardy bather Mick Hitchens was dared to a dip in the “pool” which formed at the the notorious flooding hotspot outside Swinton station during last night’s thunderstorms.

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And as he’d had a few jars at the nearby Bank pub, the delivery driver was happy to oblige.

Mick enjoyed a bit of back paddle in the giant puddle on Station Road after the deluge hit South Yorkshire, causing flash flooding across the area.

He stripped to his underwear and waded into the grimy water, before striding back up the road while giving a thumbs-up.

Mick’s wife Dawn, who caught her husband’s exploits on camera and shared the video online, can be heard on the clip laughing: “Only Swinton!”

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She said the video had gone “mad” on social media, clocking up almost 1,000 likes within 24 hours.


Most of us took shelter when the thunderstorms hit last night - Mick Hitchens took a dip in the middle of the road!

Mick was caught on camera as he had a swim in the floodwater near Swinton station in #Rotherham!

📽️Dawn Hitchens

— Rotherham Advertiser (@rotherhamtiser) June 19, 2023

Mick said: “Someone dared me — so you’ve got to do it, haven’t you?

“I wasn’t in there very long. I did a few strokes and that was it.

“I thought it was a way to put a smile on everyone’ faces.”

Asked if he was worried about catching anything, he said: “I didn’t think anything about it but I didn’t swallow any of the water.

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“I took my shorts and T-shirt off and went in in my boxer shorts.

“I went straight back into the pub, washed myself down in the bathroom and put my shorts back on.”

Mick, of Rowms Lane, admitted he wouldn’t have stripped off for a dip if he’d not had a few pints and said he had never expected the clip to be so popular online.

Asked if he would repeat the stunt, the joker said: “I don’t think so, but it  brightened everyone’s day up.”


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