VIDEO: Grease-covered kittens feline fine after slick rescue

The kittens after being found covered in greaseThe kittens after being found covered in grease
The kittens after being found covered in grease
THREE orphaned kittens found covered in grease at a Rotherham industrial site notorious for feral cats are recovering well and in need of a permanent home.

Last month, the three male kittens were found without their mother and covered in a thick coat of oil and grime, hiding their natural colourings.

An RSPCA representative said: “These three boys have not had a good start, covered in oily grime on an industrial site and no mother around.”

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The animal rescue charity said the site had a number of feral cats and after the “scruffy” kittens were monitored, it was believed they were motherless. 

“They couldn’t be left a long time, due to risk of exposure/starvation but also they could become really ill very quickly,” added the spokesperson.

“We’re talking to the site about helping manage the population.”

The cute trio have now been given a good wash and are being cared for by a “foster mum”. They love exploring and are very friendly!  


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