Teenagers attack strangers in street

TWO teenagers carried out a sustained attack on two men in the street after one of the strangers asked the thugs: "Good night?"

The attackers - Tyler Crossland (19) and Ajay Carter (19) - were sentenced at Sheffield Crown Court last Tuesday for the assault in Wickersley.

Crossland, who admitted three counts of assault, was ordered to do 200 hours unpaid work and pay £700 compensation.

Carter admitted two counts of assault and was ordered to do 125 hours of unpaid work and pay £600 compensation. 

Recorder David Kelly said: "Mr Crossland, you took exception to a man saying good night to you. Why, I dont know."

The court heard Crossland, of Goose Lane, Wickersley, was walking with two women early on November 6, 2015, when he came across Darren Sharland and Steve Robinson.

As the groups passed on Sycamore Avenue, Mr Sharland shouted to Crossland: "Good night?"

This prompted the defendant, then 17, to cross towards the victims in an aggressive manner, said prosecutor Mr Richard Sheldon.

Crossland punched Mr Sharland in the face before running off and phoning Carter, of Brunswick Drive, Sunnyside, who he asked to meet on a street corner.

The victim and his friend had chased Crossland and, when they caught up, they were faced by a group of assailants, said Mr Sheldon.

This group beat the two men to the ground before stamping on and kicking them, said the prosecutor.

Mr Sharland lost consciousness and awoke in a puddle of blood to find his eye swollen closed.

Mr Robinson was punched in the face, body and legs and left with a broken nose.

Police interviewed both defendants six months after the attack and Carter admitted the offences.

Crossland claimed he had acted in self defence. 

Mr Richard Jepson, for Carter, said: "My client had had significant delays and worry about what is going to happen.

"I don't see why the police sat on this for so long. Had he been summonsed quicker this would have been before the youth court."

Mrs Alison OShea, for Crossland, said it had been "one slip in his young life".

Sentencing the pair, the recorder added: "Mr Crossland, you took exception to a man saying good night to you. Why, I dont know.

"After punching Mr Sharland you ran off and not surprisingly they gave chase, before being ambushed by a number of people. This was a sustained

attack which involved Mr Robinson being kicked with shod feet. 

"And you, Mr Carter, accept that you kicked him.

He added: "I don't think that you, Mr Crossland, have shown a great deal of remorse, reflected in the fact that you only pleaded guilty after the matter was listed for trial.

"For that you are gettng a more severe sentence."

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