Teenager is heading off to Africa

Isobel Hague.Isobel Hague.
Isobel Hague.
A TEENAGER has been given the chance to do volunteer work in West Africa.

Isobel Hague (19), of Oxford Street in Clifton, is off to work in Ghana through the International Citizen Service.

She will spend three months in the country later this year before going off to university.

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Isobel now has to raise £800 through fundraising to get herself on the trip.

Isobel had to go through an assessment programme to get her place in Ghana and is now looking forward to working alongside other volunteers in classrooms, particularly supporting girls in rural areas.

Isobel said: “It’s amazing.

“I am trying to learn about the customs and culture of Ghana now so everything is appropriate when I go.

“To make the most out of my experience, I will be living with a generous host family and with the local people of Ghana. 

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“To make this happen, I have to raise £800 and I will do this by doing lots of fundraising activities such as cake bake sales, dinner parties and a sponsored walk.”

Isobel will also be holding a raffle to raise funds and taking part in the £5 Challenge where she has to live on just £5 for five days to learn about the difficulties of poverty.

She said that she has been to Africa before as her family come from Morocco and hopes that her experiences in Ghana will help her when she starts a university course in Early Childhood Studies in September.

Isobel’s trip to Ghana starts on April 5 and she will return back to the UK on June 27.