SNOW: All non-urgent appointments at Rotherham Hospital cancelled

ALL non-urgent appointments at Rotherham Hospital scheduled for today and tomorrow have been cancelled due to the severe weather conditions.

Patients have been advised not to attend the hospital unless they require urgent or emergency care.

The hospital said this was to allow it to prioritise urgent and emergency cases and ensure that those people most in need would get the best possible care. 

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A statement issued by Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust said: "We are advising all patients who have an outpatient appointment today (Thursday) and tomorrow (Friday) not to attend the hospital for [their] appointment.

"We are contacting patients directly to advise them of this. 

"We are aware that there will be patients who must attend their appointments due to their condition and/or specific care needs and we have already identified those patients, with appointments today or tomorrow, and have contacted them personally."

Patients who have not heard from the hospital and believe they need to be seen should call the contact centre on 01709 427555 and a clinician will review their care. 

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The statement added: "If we are unable to contact you, and you do not believe you need to be seen today or tomorrow, then please do not attend and we will be in touch to rearrange your appointment."

Patients can check for the latest information.

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