Saturday clinic midwife option introduced for new mums

MIDWIVES at Rotherham are offering mums more options when it comes to postnatal care.
Trudy (left) and her midwifery colleagues at Greenoaks.Trudy (left) and her midwifery colleagues at Greenoaks.
Trudy (left) and her midwifery colleagues at Greenoaks.

Women who have recently given birth will still get a home visit — but can choose thereafter to be seen at home or at a new Saturday clinic.

The new option means mums do not have to wait at home for a midwife to call — instead, they can have a specific appointment time to plan their day around.

Appointments at the Greenoaks clinic, in Rotherham Hospital, are currently available every Saturday between 9.30am and 4.30pm.

Services include baby weighing, blood tests, breastfeeding support and more.

In addition, expectant mothers close to their due date could also attend the clinic for their membrane sweep.

Lead midwife Trudy Hutson said: “We are really pleased to provide this alternative option — in the future, we are hoping to provide this on Sundays and bank holidays, too.

“Many ladies who have used the clinic are saying how they prefer this to waiting in at home for a midwife and we have found that being at Greenoaks is helpful if there are any problems with either mother or baby.”

“Home visits will still be on offer for those who are unwell or who cannot access transport.

“Anyone wanting to attend the Saturday clinic will be booked in by a midwife at their first postnatal visit, the day after they are discharged home.”

Trudy added: “We are always looking for ways to improve care for our new mums and this clinic will give them more options and further improves access to care.”