Rolls Royce job losses will be “devastating”

ROLLS-Royce received more than £15 million in public money to fund the Rotherham factory where a third of the workforce is under threat.



The head count is set to be reduced by 75 at the Advanced Blade Casting Facility, which opened at the Advanced Manufacturing Park, Catcliffe, in 2015.

Sarah Champion noted that the Government was happy to use the AMP for policy announcements — but said it must now step in to defend its long-term future.

The Rotherham MP added: “Those are well-paid, highly-skilled jobs, and their loss will have a devastating impact on the town.

“The aerospace sector has been hit especially hard by the pandemic, and I appreciate the profound challenges that Rolls-Royce faces.

“The need for the Government to support this strategically important industry is self-evident.

“They must recognise the inextricable link between aerospace and the wider aviation sector.

“The UK should use its chairing of the G7 this year to create a global plan to get aviation flying again.”

Ms Champion said Rolls-Royce was not without fault — pressing ahead with job losses rather than using the furlough scheme.

The Government also confirmed that £15.43 million of grant support had helped build the Rotherham factory.

The planned job losses are part of more than 3,000 across the UK and 9,000 globally.

Talks are continuing and a source said: “There are still very serious concerns about compulsory redundancies at the facility.”

Ms Champion contrasted the Government’s levelling up rhetoric with the reality for people here in Rotherham.

“Those claims will ring hollow to my constituents, who instead of investment are seeing the Government stand idly by whilst well paid, skilled jobs are lost,” she added.

“The success of the AMP has taken years to develop. Without support now, that progress could be undone at a stroke.”