Pork life! "Escaped" pig spotted on the loose in Herringthorpe park

Photo by Gill BridgePhoto by Gill Bridge
Photo by Gill Bridge
THERE’S a pig on the loose in Rotherham!

THERE’S a pig on the loose!

The runaway porker - dubbed Chris P Bacon by one social media user - was seen in the Bank Top Road area of Brecks — and is apparently miles from home.

The Advertiser has been contacted by animal lovers saying they believed one or more pigs had trotted off from their home field in Thrybergh.

Chatter on social media suggested the roaming farm animals had often been spotted in Silver Wood at Thrybergh and usually returned home.

But one woman who called our newsroom said she understood a pig had been spotted in Herringthorpe Valley Park and the surrounding area.

“If this was a horse, the council and RSPCA would be bothered about it getting out but I’ve called them both and nothing’s being done to stop it happening,” she said.

“I’m concerned it’s going to wander into the road and cause an accident. I’m worried there’s going to be a fatality.”

The black pig spotted in Herringthorpe was reportedly last seen heading into the Herringthorpe Woods off Brecks Lane this morning.

Rotherham Council and the RSCPA have been contacted for comment.