PM made a mistake, but time to focus on important Rother Valley issues – MP

Alexander StaffordAlexander Stafford
Alexander Stafford
MP ALEXANDER Stafford finally broke his silence over prime minister Boris Johnson being fined for breaking lockdown rules at the height of the Covid pandemic — a week after news of the censure emerged.

The Rother Valley’s Tory MP failed to respond when the Advertiser contacted him last week and asked if the PM should step down in the wake of his fixed penalty for attending a Downing Street “birthday party” in June 2020.

And it was not until he was pressed on the issue again this week — after Mr Johnson had apologised to Parliament — that Mr Stafford gave a comment, saying: “The prime minister made a mistake and it is right that he has apologised and paid the appropriate civil penalty.”

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He also pointed the finger at other prominent politicians, adding: “It is right that politicians should be held to the highest standards, including Keir Starmer, Nicola Sturgeon and Jeremy Corbyn, who have all been photographed in Covid comprising positions.

“I am looking forward to this government focusing on the important issues for Rother Valley, including getting the Rwanda illegal immigration scheme up and running as soon as possible, and winning the war against Putin in Ukraine.”

Pressed on whether Mr Johnson should be held to a higher standard than Mr Starmer and Mr Corbyn as he had helped to draw up the rules he then broke — while appearing on TV daily to urge the public to follow them — Mr Stafford did not respond.

The Metropolitan Police, which is still investigating further gatherings in Downing Street and the Cabinet Office, said both Mr Johnson and Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak had been fined.