Plucky Peter (79) takes on world’s fastest zip wire to inspire lonely OAPs

Peter FosterPeter Foster
Peter Foster
PLUCKY pensioner Peter Foster isn’t one to sit at home and take life easy.

In fact, the 79-year-old has just travelled at 100 miles an hour on the world’s fastest zip wire.

He travelled nine tenths of a mile in just 55 seconds!

Peter, of Gough Close in Brecks, travelled to North Wales to take part in the aerial feat (below).

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But it isn’t the first time that he has taken his life into his own hands — two years ago he did wing walking on a plane to raise cash for the Alzheimer’s Society.

Peter heard about Zip World at Penrhyn Quarry near Bethesda — said to be the longest in Europe — and decided to give it a go.

Peter said: “I heard about this zip wire and thought it sounded a good idea.

“I thought I would have a bash at that.

“Most people wake up and think about how not to do things but I wake up and think about how I can do things.”

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Peter had to do a small version of the zip wire first to see if he could handle it, but then opted to go for the big one.

He had to wait on a high platform while he was attached to the wire and was then released out into space with a 300ft drop — and a lake — below him.

Peter said: “I was not nervous at all though I’m not usually the sort of person who does this sort of thing.

“My family think I’m crackers but I have got to do these things.”

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Peter, who lives with his wife Wendy (79), said that he hoped his act of derring-do might inspire other older people to be more active.

He said: “I want to get a message out there that when a partner dies an older person can revert to watching the TV and not doing very much.

“I want to spread the fact you can do things. 

“It’s a matter of going out and talking to people and making use of the free bus pass and mixing with people.

“There are lots of opportunities for older people.

“It is people’s imaginations that limit what they do.”

More information about Zip World is available at

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