Orgreave campaigner "told to remove protest flag at parade"

ORGREAVE campaigner Kevin Horne said he was stunned when a security official at this week’s Millers victory parade asked him to take down his Coal Not Dole flag.

The former miner and long-time United fan (pictured) said he had received pats on the back and support from fans at last Tuesday night’s event after flying the Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign banner on a fishing rod.

But he said after two hours of peaceful display, he was challenged as he began to fold the flag away.

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“I was just putting it away when this security guard said ‘Control’ had said I had to take it down,” he said.

“I didn’t know where this guy was from and I thought it was really odd as there had been no trouble.”

Rotherham Borough Council said the events control team had no record of anyone having been asked to remove a flag.

Assistant director of culture, sport and tourism, Polly Hamilton, said: “We weren’t aware of any issues with fans or campaigners and after investigating the matter around Mr Horne being asked to take down the flag, we can confirm that we aren’t aware that any such instruction was made from the council. 

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“We haven’t been contacted by Mr Horne but would encourage him to raise his concerns with us directly.”

The Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign holds its annual rally at the Battle of Orgreave site in Waverley from 1pm on Saturday, June 16, beginning with a march from Orgreave Lane followed by speeches.

Speakers confirmed include shadow steel minister Gill Furniss, social justice campaigner Helen Steel and Durham Miners Association president Joe Whitworth.

Those attending are invited to bring banners, placards, drums, whistles, friends and family.

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