My Covid jab experience: quick, easy and painless

HUNDREDS of people are now receiving a Covid vaccine every day in Rotherham, many of them with pre-existing health conditions. Advertiser health reporter Chloe West explains why she was among them, and shares her experience of having the jab.

IF you’ve not yet been for your Covid vaccination, you might be wondering what it’s like.

After being one of 880 people in Rotherham to receive their first dose last Sunday, I can report that it was pain-free, quick and the whole operation ran very smoothly.

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I’m only 32, so can understand why you might wonder why I was called in – it all goes back to when I was a baby.

At six months old, I was rushed into hospital because my lips had turned blue and I was struggling to breathe.

After several days in hospital, my parents were told I had asthma.

Having a respiratory condition growing up was far from easy and affected my everyday life.

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I’ve spent years taking steroid tablets, inhalers, nasal sprays, flu jabs and also had my own nebuliser - an apparatus use to breathe in medicine.

My asthma has become more manageable as I’ve got older - but I still have to be careful, as having a common cold or being around some types of animal fur can be the trigger for an attack.

I received a text message from my local GP on March 7, inviting me to book in for the vaccine.

There was a link at the bottom for where to go to get my appointment date and time sorted, which was quick and simple.

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I waited a week to have my vaccination as that was the next date available to me.

Arriving at Oak House in Bramley, the HQ for Rotherham NHS Clinical Commissioning Group, I found it was clearly signposted where you needed to go and volunteers were on hand to answer any queries.

After checking in with my name and date of birth, I was directed to one of seven vaccination stations, (there was also a GP area with emergency equipment as a precaution).

The nurse who gave me my vaccination, Rachael Smeaton, was very friendly, explained what vaccine I was having and made sure I was fit and well to have the injection.

I was given the AstraZenica/Oxford vaccine

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I felt a slight scratch but, before I knew it, I’d had the vaccine with no problems - and it was pain free.

The whole process took all of ten minutes from start to finish and everything ran very smoothly.

I’ve only had a couple of expected mild side effects since, including a sore arm and just feeling a little out of sorts.

Three days on, I feel fine.

I’m used to having flu vaccinations, so getting the Covid vaccine felt like no big deal.

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I feel lucky to have not had the virus (fingers crossed) — and I have wondered how my body would deal with the virus if I was to test positive because of my underlying health condition — but I always felt ready to have the vaccination once I was called up.

It feels like another step towards things returning to some sort of normality.

If you still have doubts about the vaccine, I suggest talking to a health professional, GP or even someone else whose had the vaccine.

It’s good to talk about any worries, and there are people on hand on the day as well to answer any queries.




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