MP Alexander Stafford backs Liz Truss in Tory leadership fight

ROTHER Valley MP Alexander Stafford has backed Liz Truss to be the next prime minister.

Former chancellor Rishi Sunak and foreign secretary Ms Truss are in the running to lead the Conservatives.

Mr Stafford (pictured) said he had placed his backing in Ms Truss because she shared his values on plans to deport immigrants to Rwanda and backed her to address the economy.

He said: “Whilst both candidates have their merits, and let’s face it either would be better than Sir Keir Starmer, my backing goes to Liz.

“I believe she is the one that will be best placed to continue Boris Johnson's plan to level up our area and to improve our lives, whilst dealing with big issues such as the cost of living and energy prices, as well as being strict on immigration (she backs the Rwanda policy).

“As foreign secretary she stood up to the EU on the protocol to protect the integrity of the UK.

“As Prime Minister, she will slash EU red tape to turbocharge the UK economy.”