Morrisons offering free fruit for kids in Rotherham stores

MORRISONS is giving away free fruit to kids to prevent unsold fruit being thrown away and help make shopping trips easier for busy parents.


The supermarket chain’s move at its Parkgate, Catcliffe and Cortonwood stores follows a similar initiative launched by Tesco last year.

It aims to keep hunger at bay for younger shoppers and help them to tot up their “five-a-day”.

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The bananas, apples, pears, sweet clementines, and satsumas on offer in the greengrocery section will be ripe and safe to eat but “at risk of not being sold”, Morrisons said, adding that it expects to give away 40,000 pieces of fruit a week across the chain.

Matthew Haigh, store manager at Morrisons Catcliffe, said: “Sometimes our store is left with unsold fruit and customers would prefer us to find a use for it. 

“So we’re putting out fruit — that's at risk of not being sold — for children to help themselves. 

“It’s healthy for them, reduces food waste in our store and will help make shopping easier for parents.”