Life saving kit fundraiser shows group is Stronger Together

MEMBERS of a community project showed the power of working together when they teamed up to fund a piece of life-saving kit.

Stronger Together, based at the High Street Centre in Rawmarsh, raised more than £1,500 in five months to pay for a defbrillator on walks around the area.

The project, which matches people to local activities, aims to build friendships and reduce social isolation.

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Their Walk Together group identified that they would like to raise money for a portable defib which would fit in a backpack on their hikes to Elsecar, Manvers, Wentworth and beyond, which take them some distance away from a community defib.

Nicola Sharpe, project coordinator, said: “It all started in 2022 when the walkers found a mobile phone at Elsecar Park whilst out with the group.  “They are such a determined bunch and they returned the phone to its rightful owner.  

“The chap was so thrilled he wanted to give a £20 reward.  

“Our walkers wouldn’t accept the money, but one quick-witted member of the group explained that we were hoping to raise funds for a de-fib and — boom!  — the first donation was in.

“Fast forward to now and local people have helped by donating and buying books, jewellery, plants and making and selling earrings.  

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“We also had a bring and buy sale where people donated and bought bric-a-brac.    

“It has been great to see the local community come together and raise money for equipment which could be lifesaving.

“This wonderful group raised £1,500 in five months — what an amazing achievement.”