Life in prison for wife who killed husband after row caught on neighbour's CCTV

Pauline Caster (44), of Catcliffe, was jailed at Sheffield Crown Court after she pleaded guilty to killing her husband, Kevin.

A WIFE who was in a “vile” and “wretched” relationship with her husband of over 20 years has been sentenced to life imprisonment for his murder. 

Pauline Caster (44), of Catcliffe, was jailed at Sheffield Crown Court yesterday after she pleaded guilty to killing her husband, Kevin.

Mr Caster, an ex-Royal Artillery regiment serviceman, died late on October 19, 2021, after his wife stamped “violently” on her his head.

The attack was caught on CCTV by a neighbour and viewed as evidence in the trial. 

Mr Imran Shafi KC, prosecuting, told the court neighbours could both see and hear Mr and Mrs Caster having an argument around 8.30pm on the night he died, with their windows and curtains open.

The neighbour heard Caster shouting: “Go back to that f****** s***” and “Are you hurt you b******” over a claim that Mr Caster had been having an affair with another woman.

Caster, who had a history of mental health issues, was seen repeatedly hitting her husband for around 20 minutes by a neighbour, the court heard.

She had came outside later and shouted in the street that she thought her husband was dead, only then calling the emergency services.

Sheffield Crown Court heard that Caster told emergency services her husband had taken an overdose of epilepsy tablets and that they known to take each other’s prescription medication.

After paramedics arrived, Caster was seen shaking Mr Caster and shouting “I’m so sorry”.

Caster was arrested on October 21 last year, just over a year after the fatal attack.

Pathologist Jamie Robinson said Mr Caster’s injuries, which included a head injury, were as a result of “stomping” and the use of “blunt force”.

However, he had had suffered an overdose of the epilepsy drug lamotrigine which would have killed him regardless of the beating he received.

The pathologist said the combination of the injuries and the drugs had caused Mr Caster’s death.

Judge Jeremy Richardson KC said the case was “unusual” because there was no evidence provided that Caster had provided the fatal overdose.

He added that he was convinced that had Caster not beaten her husband, he would have died regardless due to the “cocktail of drugs” in his system.

Maureen Barron, Mr Caster’s mother, provided a witness statement to the court where she said she was “heartbroken” that her son had been killed.

“He was my youngest son and will always be my baby boy,” she said.

“My son’s murder will haunt me forever.

“Kevin’s dad died in 2016 which I believe changed him.

“That’s when drugs started to take hold of him.

“I’d lost my son for some years prior to his death but I was hoping he would change his life around for the better.

“Despite everything, Pauline and Kevin loved each other.

“They loved each other so much even though their relationship was toxic.

“His death has caused me unimaginable pain.

“Pauline took him away from me but he will always be my son.”

A joint statement was also provided by the Casters’ children — Lewis, Shauna and Louie — who said they were “devastated” by the incident.

“Both of our parents showed us love but their relationship was very toxic,” the statement read.

“If anything, they loved each other too much.

“We witnessed them abuse drugs and the arguments which led to the police being called to our address because dad had attacked our mum.

“Dad took steroids and must have broken over 100 televisions in that time. 

“We would be in our bedrooms shaking with fear during this.

“Our mum suffered from depression and dad with post-traumatic stress disorder from his days in the army.

“We believe drugs and mum’s mental health had caused the death of our dad.

“We will continue to support her.

“Despite everything, we love them both.”

Mr Anthony Berry mitigating, said Caster had been making strides to turn her life around in prison by taking on a prominent role in duties and establishing a friendship group to change her life around.

Judge Richardson said the Casters’ relationship had been “wretched” and “corrosive”.

He jailed Caster for life, telling her she will serve a minimum of seven years and three months of that sentence before she is considered for release.

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