Hospital in multi-million pound budget deficit

Rotherham HospitalRotherham Hospital
Rotherham Hospital
ROTHERHAM NHS Foundation Trust ended the year £13 million worse off than bosses had planned.

The trust, which runs Rotherham Hospital, ended the financial year with a budget deficit of £6.4 million.

It had aimed for a surplus of £6.6 million. This was based on receiving £6.5 million of sustainability and transformation funding from the Government.

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But the trust was not entitled to receive this after the second quarter because it had not met targets.

Trust director of finance Simon Sheppard said: “It has been a challenging year not only in Rotherham but across the provider sector of the NHS and we were one of 105 trusts to report a deficit.

“Despite this, we have been able to invest £11.5 million across the organisation including the new Urgent and Emergency Care Centre, IT programmes, estate infrastructure and medical equipment.

“The priority for 2017/18 is to continue delivering good patient outcomes whilst managing this within our financial resources.”