Grassland, trees and derelict building blazes tackled overnight by fire crews

ACCIDENTAL and deliberate grassland, trees and derelict building blazes were among the incidents firefighters tackled overnight in the borough.

A wheelie bin was deliberately set on fire at 8.10pm on Longfellow Road, Balby, with crews leaving the scene at 8.50pm.

Firefighters attended a deliberate fire involving shrubs, grass and trees at 8.15pm on Golden Smithies Lane, Wath, and left the scene an hour later. 

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Conifers were deliberately set on fire at 12.20am on Bawtry Road, Brinsworth, with firefighters coming away at 12.40am.

Meanwhile, Edlington firefighters were called out at the same time to a deliberate fire involving tyre swing and matting on Woodfield Way, Balby. The crew left at 1.10am. 

Firefighters from Maltby attended an accidental grassland blaze at 3.15am on Bawtry Road, Bramley, leaving the scene at 3.30am. Maltby firefighters also tackled a second accidental grassland fire at 3.30am on Lidget Lane, Bramley, and came away at 4.05am.

A crew from Rotherham station were then called to a deliberate rubbish fire at 6.15am on Beale Way, Parkgate, leaving 20 minutes later. 

Finally, two fire crews were called out to a derelict building fire at 6.50am on Lambrell Avenue, Kiveton Park. The crews came away at 7.35am.