Get checked for breast cancer, charity urges Rotherham women

Macmillan nurse Ann ParkinMacmillan nurse Ann Parkin
Macmillan nurse Ann Parkin
A CHARITY is urging people to look out for signs of breast cancer and “get checked” if they have any worries.

Macmillan Cancer Support issued advice on spotting the symptoms to mark Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

The Macmillan information bus will be at Wentworth Garden Centre from 9am to 3pm next Wednesday, October 25.

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Its figures show that 306 people in the borough were living with a breast cancer diagnosis in 2015/16.

This is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in women in the UK, with around 54,000 cases reported each year.

Breast cancer is more common in women over 50 — almost half of cases develop in women aged 65 and over.

Men can also get breast cancer, but this is rare.

Ann Parkin, a Macmillan Breast Care Nurse at Rotherham Hospital for 16 years, said: “Knowing what changes to look for and when to see your doctor could make a real difference.

“Don’t be scared if you have symptoms — get them checked.”

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Signs to look out for include a lump in the breast or a change in its size or shape, including dimpling of the skin or thickening in the breast tissue.

A nipple that is inverted, has a rash or is discharging fluid can be another sign of a tumour, as can swelling or a lump in the armpit.

Most breast changes are not caused by cancer, but anything abnormal should be seen by a doctor.

Early diagnosis of breast cancer makes treatment more likely to be successful, Ann said. 

For cancer support and advice, visit or call the Macmillan helpline for free on 0808 8080 000.