Future of town centre hotel uncertain after previous tenants face money problems

The George Wright Boutique Hotel, at the Crofts, will remain open despite the owners stating that its previous tenants, Darren Hughes and Mark Casson, were facing insolvency and had left the business.

A HOTEL faces an uncertain future after its previous tenants left the business due to “financial difficulties”.

Previous employees had made complaints about Mr Hughes and Mr Casson to the Advertiser back in November regarding the late payment of wages following the closing of the Fitzwilliam & Hughes coffee shop at the Imperial Buildings before its relocation to inside the hotel.

The owner of the GWH said he is optimistic that the hotel will “not go to waste” and will reopen “temporarily” today (February 13). 

“We just wanted to make everyone aware going forward our tenants at George Wright have gone into insolvency and left us to pick up the pieces,” the owner said in a social media post.

“We hope everyone understands and can help us in moving forward as this beautiful listed building is definitely not going to waste after all the hard work we have put in over the years.” 


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