Fat from grill pan caused oven fire in Broom

OLD fat left in a grill pan is believed to have been the cause of an oven fire in Broom on Friday evening.

Firefighters from Aston, Maltby and Rotherham stations were called to the incident on Ledsham Road at 7.36pm. 

The electric oven which caught fire was believed to have been unknowingly switched on while a hob was in use, said a spokeswoman from South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue.

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"The oven had a large number of roasting tins and a grill pan containing old fat left inside of it," she added.

"It is believed that this fat had caught fire inside the oven, causing the oven casing and worktop to catch fire.

"The occupants of the property were luckily alerted to the fire and safely evacuated the property."

Crews had left the scene at around 8.21pm.

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