Faith takes a break after amazing A-level success

Faith NagraFaith Nagra
Faith Nagra
A HIGH-ACHIEVING A-level student is taking a break before embarking on a career in economics.

Faith Nagra (18) scored four A* grades and two As in her end-of-school exams.

The super student at Wales High School gained her maths A-level in 2014 and further maths the following year.

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She completed her qualifications with economics, physics, chemisty and an extended project qualification (EPQ).

She said: “I feel pretty good about it. I was very nervous this week, but it was good to know that I had two A-levels already.

“I’m going to study economics, but I’m not sure where. I would like to study in London, or maybe at Oxford or Cambridge.

“Maths was very theoretical, past a certain point — economics is more applied and more practical.”

She added: “I’m taking a year out before I decide. I think I would like to see Thailand with my friends.”