Ex-Rotherham man faces jail for stabbing attack in Swallownest

A former Rotherham man who left his victim “traumatised” after stabbing him multiple times has been told he faces jail for the “seemingly unprovoked attack” in Swallownest.

A VIOLENT man who left his victim “traumatised” after stabbing him multiple times has been told he faces jail for the “seemingly unprovoked attack” in Swallownest. 

Benjamin White (36), formerly of Avondale Road, Rotherham, pleaded guilty at Sheffield Crown Court on Wednesday to wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm and possession of a bladed article and was remanded in custody, to be sentenced on December 16. 

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Sheffield Crown Court heard paramedics had alerted police to the stabbing on August 5 this year, after they were called to treat the victim who had knife wounds to his right and left hips and thigh.

The victim, a man in his 40s, told emergency services he had been stabbed several times in a nearby alleyway by a man known to him as ‘Ben’.

Further enquiries with the victim, their family and neighbours identified White as the primary suspect.

A spokesperson for South Yorkshire Police said: “While the victim was taken to hospital to receive treatment, officers worked to locate and arrest White.

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"CCTV footage recovered from within the local area showed White attacking his victim in a seemingly unprovoked attack, stabbing him three times before walking away.”

PC Ben Lively from Rotherham CID said: “The victim in this case has understandably been left incredibly scared and traumatised as a result of White’s attack.

“This ultimately highlights the significant harm that knife crime can have on its victims, their families, and the wider community – those who choose to carry these dangerous weapons clearly do so to instil fear of violence.

"The impact of knife crime isn’t just physical, it’s often psychological, too.

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“I am pleased that, in the face of the significant and extensive evidence gathered as part of our investigation, White pleaded guilty and accepted responsibility for his crimes.”

White’s hearing comes during the national week of action to tackle knife crime, Operation Sceptre.

In South Yorkshire, there has been high profile activity and engagement to raise awareness of the impact of knife crime and to educate the public around the dangers of carrying knives.

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