Cute fox cub rescued after becoming trapped in sewage works tank

WATER workers teamed up with the RSPCA to help free a fox cub which had become trapped in a sewage works.

The young intruder was reunited with its mother, which had been waiting nearby, after getting stuck in an empty storm holding tank at Blackburn Meadows next to the M1.

Yorkshire Water staff Dan Wilde, Oliver Snow and Michael West worked together with the RSPCA to catch the cub and release it.

It is thought the cub had been trapped for more than 24 hours before being rescued.

Dan, a customer field services technician, said: “When we spotted the little cub trapped in the storm holding tank, we knew we had to rescue him.

“We were predicted wet weather and knew the tank would begin to fill if we didn’t act quickly.

“Thankfully, we were able to work with the RSPCA and catch him after an hour chasing him round the tank and it was great to reunite him with his mother, as she had waited beside the tank while he was trapped.”



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