Crews tackle furniture, woodland, and bin fires

CREWS tackled a range of mostly deliberate fires involving furniture, grass and bushes, and a bin overnight.

Firefighters were called to adeliberate fire on Broomhouse Lane, Edlington, at 7.40pm and came away at 8.05pm.

Crews were then called out to a settee on fire in a garden in Wombwell at 7.45pm.

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The fire on Bond Street is believed to have started accidentally and the crew left the scene at 8.05pm.

Firefighters from Dearne station attended a deliberate grassland fire in the wooded area behind B&Q and ASDA Living at Corton Wood, Brampton Biewlow at 7.50pm.

The crew came away at 8.10pm.

Arsonists also set grass and bushes alight on South Street, Dinnington.

Firefighters from Aston station were called out at 8.15pm and came away at 8.35pm.

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A fire crew from Rotherham station attended a deliberate fire involving a mattress on Doncaster Road, Dalton at 9.10pm.

The crew left the scene at 9.30pm.

A wheelie bin was deliberately set on fire on Northfield Drive, Woodsetts at 5.40am.

Firefighters from Aston station attended and left at 6.05am.

Arsonists then struck again on Rother Road, Canklow.

Rotherham firefighters were called out to the blaze involving wooden furniture at 5.45am and left the scene at 6.05am.