Call for candidates in health governor elections

A HEALTH trust is urging would-be governors to stand up an be counted in its own polls.

Sixteen seats are up for grabs in the Rotherham, Doncaster and South Humber NHS Foundation Trust (RDaSH) elections.

RDaSH Governors work alongside the board of directors, helping to shape the care provision and represent patients’ views.

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The council of governors meets four times each year at locations around the trust area.

Members take questions from the public and each meeting lasts around three hours.

Election organiser Cheryl Watkinson said: “Why not get more involved in your local health services, find out what’s going on and help shape the way services are delivered?

“Your views really matter so why not find out more about getting on board?”

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A drop-in session at the RAIN Building, on Eastwood Lane in the town centre, will offer more information on the role.

It will take place between 1pm and 3pm on Thursday, May 18.

Anyone who cannot attend can organise a meeting with Cheryl at a convenient time and place.

For more information, call Cheryl on 0800 015 0370 or email [email protected].

Alternatively, visit and search for “governor elections 2017”.