Arsonists strike six times over weekend

FIREFIGHTERS spent nearly four hours tackling deliberately started blazes over the weekend.

Crews first tackled a deliberate vehicle fire at 11.35pm on Dunns Dale, Maltby, on Friday night.

They left the scene at 12.05am – but firefighters from Maltby returned after a second vehicle was set alight.

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Firefighters from Aston Park attended a deliberate bin blaze at 8.20pm on Sunday on Lodge Lane, coming away at 8.45pm.

Crews from Dearne station were then called to a deliberate rubbish fire at 8.35pm on Lowfield Road, Bolton on Dearne, and were there until 9.05pm.

A car was then deliberately set on fire in the early house of this morning on Cantilupe Crescent, Aston.

Fire crews were dispatched to the scene at 2.55am and there until 3.20am.

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A skip that was deliberately set alight at 4.10am on Bridge Street, Rotherham and a van was torched at 4.40pm on Sunday on Hawkhill Lane, Thurcroft.

A crew from Maltby station attended the incident and were at the scene until 5.30pm.