Arsonists strike at same road twice overnight in Canklow

FIREFIGHTERS tackled four deliberate blazes overnight, including a chair and a bin being set alight. 

Aston firefighters were called to a deliberate fire involving wood and scrubland at 7.10pm on Wetherby Drive, Swallownest. The crew came away at 7.35pm.

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Crews from the same station then attended a deliberate fire involving a chair in scrubland at 8.05pm on South Street, Dinnington. They left the scene 20 minutes later.

Firefighters from Rotherham station were then called out at 12.25am to a deliberate rubbish fire on Canklow Road, Canklow, where they spent 25 minutes at the scene.

Crews from the same station returned to Canklow Road just hours later after a wheelie bin was then deliberately set on fire at 4.10am.