Why Jayne's a big hit with Rotherham's transvestites

CAN a Rotherham fashion house satisfy even the most challenging customer, whatever their sex? Corset can!

It’s more than just a female clientele who are attracted to Maltby dressmaker Jayne Maxwell’s booming bespoke business.

Jayne (47) who runs Thinbelina from her converted garage, revealed: “Some of my best customers are transvestites.

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“They simply can’t find anywhere else selling clothes that will fit them as for a lot of them, their proportions are different.

“Plus my corsets can reduce waist measurements by up to four inches—they love it.

“I put an advert in a transvestite magazine and got quite a bit of interest because when a man buys a corset off the peg it’s made for a woman and won’t fit properly.

“I can give them the figure they desire.

“I cater for anyone. Not just transvestites, but men who just like to wear my dresses.

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“Women love to wear them because they give you the Marilyn Monroe figure and feel so nice.

“It makes them look slimmer and saves on dieting.”

Mother-of-two Jayne branched out after discovering that there was a glamorous fashion underworld in the area, calling out for custom-made garments.

Thinbelina specialises in made-to-measure lingerie, boned corsets, tutus and bustle dresses made from various materials—from leather to Gothic-inspired printed fabric.

Jayne also creates her own lace and domestic pieces including oven gloves cushions and aprons.

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Daughters Emma (21), a nursing trainee and Hayley (16), a student, model their mother’s designs at wedding and craft fairs across the region.

Jayne, who previously worked sewing garments for Marks and Spencer, set up her business three years ago.

She is now working on her next idea—a Wizard of Oz-style tutu.

Jayne, who has been helped by Rotherham Enterprise Project, said: “Just knowing no-one else is going to be wearing your outfit, which is truly original, is great.

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“My outfits get more and more creative and my Wizard of Oz tutu will be one of the best so far.

“I would love to open a store selling my designs and fabrics and run workshops to teach the craft of clothes making.”

And after sewing the seeds of success with her company, Jayne is encouraging others to get stitching.

Jayne said: “I think it’s so important for young ones these days to gain useful tailoring skills.

“We need to get sewing back where it should be.

“I know some young girls who can’t sew on a button and shops charge a fortune for items you could make yourself for half the price.”