WHAT'S ON: Thrybergh and Dalton

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CHURCH SERVICES: The times and locations of Sunday services are – 1st and 2nd Sundays 10am at St Peter’s Church; 3rd and 4th Sundays 10am at St Leonard’s Church; 5th Sundays usually at St Leonard’s unless a change is notified in the newsletter.


ST GERARD’S CATHOLIC PRIMARY SCHOOL: Holy Week – The themes for the Thinking Stops were: Class 1 Palm Sunday, Hopes and Dreams; Class 2 Jesus washed the feet of his disciples, Servant King; Class 3: The Last Supper, Remember Me; Class 4 In the Garden of Gethsemane, Alone; Class 5 The Crucifixion, Sharing our Sorrows. Easter egg raffle – Stash Krystel, Finley Matthews, Dylan Wilkinson, Ruby Smith and Nanndre Gounegbou were the lucky winners. The school had a special assembly to say goodbye to Mrs Drury who has gone on maternity leave. Birthdays – Harley Russell, Chloe Mewes, Oscar Haywood. Diary Dates – Y2 SATS throughout May, Y6 SATS week commencing May 9. After School Clubs – Monday: football 3.15-4.15pm, Health, Nutrition and Fitness 3.15-4.30pm; Tuesday: choir 3.15-4.15pm, KS2 tennis 3.15-4.15pm; Wednesday: Reading Club 3.15-4.15pm; Thursday: Y6 SPAG Club 3.15-4.15pm.

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