Westby Avenue: Queen pops in for a cuppa

SO the Queen’s press team may have said officially that she was in town to visit the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre near Catcliffe.

Of course she was and the centre is worthy of a Royal visit.

What they didn’t tell you is that she slipped away for half an hour to discuss wedding stationery and table decorations with me.

William and Kate have already said that they are conscious of the economic climate so will be sensitive to the cost when they plan their special day.

Now HRH must have heard about my charity shop bargains and home-made stationery as she was keen to have a look at my scrap book.

I showed her photographs of our delightful vintage china tea cups filled with flowers and antique picture frames which were used for table names.

I have to say Elizabeth was most impressed with our design ideas and budget-busting decorations.

OK...I’m making it all up. Of course the Queen was not enjoying tea and biscuits in my former wedding planning room (now a place to dry washing).

I’m sure she would have thoroughly enjoyed browsing through the wedding photographs but alas I got nowhere near her.

Although I was pleased to hear the news about William and Kate (it’s always nice to hear about an engagement), I’m not really buying the whole the country needs a Royal wedding to lift its spirits concept. Sure, I’ll take a day off but otherwise I’m not too convinced especially as businesses will be hit by the extra bank holiday.

The souvenirs have already started being sold and every media outlet going has run a pre-prepared background feature on the couple’s journey.

I expect the stories will run and run, documenting every move they make.

That’s fine and I hope those who are interested enjoy the build up, but for me next year the only weddings I care about are those of my close friends.

Your own wedding day goes so quickly and is such an overwhelming experience that the thought of stepping back and enjoying someone else’s day is one to savour.

I can’t wait to enjoy the celebration of someone else’s love and share it with all their friends and family.

I do think some souvenir-style gifts will be in order however... my friends will look great on a tea towel. Girls...you have been warned!