We're ready for the Strictly Wembley jive

THIS week I have spent all my time down in the Big City rehearsing for the Wonderful Wembley Whizz Bang! Of course every silver lining has a cloud and my cloud this week has been not being able to go home again to Wales and catch up with all the local news

Now, I must start the blog with a big thanks to Billy and Ezra. Who are Billy and Ezra you might ask? Well they are the guys who were waiting behind the screen on last Saturday’s show with the golden glittery “Ferrero Rocher” suit. That quick change was a real show stopper! Thanks guys.

As you might expect its been another busy week practising for what looks like being a real blast. Flavia and I have been getting into jive mode and the Wembley show needs a much bigger performance to fill that huge space.

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The press interest has been phenomenal so there have been loads of interviews and photo shoots for Flavia and I to get along to in between our jive sessions and the most wonderful news of the week for me was that Radio 2 are putting together a special “Strictly on the Radio” show I will be presenting the show and you can hear it at 10.00pm on December 30th so reach for your diaries now and make a note.

Wednesday night Flavia and I were off to catch up with Zoe on Strictly It Takes Two. We always love dropping in on Zoe because we have such a good time.

I listened to Ian Waite and took on what he said about my head and kicks. I know I can sometimes have a bit of a nodding dog look when I am on the floor so I appreciate what he had to say and I aim to get a thumbs up from Ian for Saturdays show.

The real high spot of the show was the wonderful message from the fabulous Kylie. I have been a fan of hers for years and now, it seems, she is one of mine! Simply stunning and such a surprise I found myself welling up. Thanks Kylie.

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Thanks too to Alex from Surrey for her lovely message of support and encouragement. It’s great to know the next generation are enjoying Strictly and that I am putting a lovely smile on their faces. Another very BIG thank you to James from Stockport and Madeleine from Retford who both sent me their drawings of me and Flavia. James seems to think all the judges are about to give me 10 points. Let’s hope that’s an omen for this week’s show.

More from me on Monday about how the Wembley show went.

Thanks again for all your wonderful messages and the encouragement you send. It means so much.

If you are one of those who have sent me a message I must ask for your patience. Usually I deal with them all straight away, but the BBC have sent all the messages to my home and because this week has been so busy I have had to stay in London so I won’t be able to deal with the post until I get home again hopefully next Monday.

“Thanks for being there!” and Keep Dancing!


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