VIDEO: See our Yorkshire’s Got Talent heat two stars in action

FIFTEEN more singers and dancers battled it out in the second heat of the Advertiser’s Yorkshire’s Got Talent competition at Rotherham’s New York Stadium.

Six of the acts were chosen to go through to the grand final on Sunday, November 25.

They were: Emily Hinchcliffe, Dance Addiction with Maddie, Lee England, Gemma Torr, Jade Wilkinson and Dance Addiction.

They will be joined by the six finalists from heat one and six finalists who will be chosen in heat three this Sunday.

Event organiser Tracie Midgley said: "This week once again gave us a huge variety of performances – singers and dancers.

“Well done to all who took part, and I look forward to seeing what heat three brings.”

The judges at the second heat were Andrew Barker, managing director of the Advertiser’s sister company, Garnett Dickinson Print; Anthony Bayou, holder of Best UK Hip Hop Dancer 2007 title and owner of Kiveton-based dance school Discreets Urban Dance Academy; Jennifer Gorman, our event sponsor and  music tutor at Get Sorted Music Academy;  and Rebecca Hill, a professional singer and dancer who runs DTA North theatre school and Stage It productions.

The audience was entertained by Daniel Taylor, a winner from Yorkshire's Got Talent 201,0 before each of the contestants performed.

Tickets are now on sale for heat three and the grand final.

Tickets for heat three cost £5 for adults and £2.50 for children and tickets for the grand final cost £7 for adults and £3.50 for children. Call the Rotherham Advertiser events team on 01709 571111.

Check out the performers in the videos below . . . and then tell us what you think of the acts. Use the ‘write a comment’ buttons to post your own reviews!



Dance Daze – The Remix Rebels

The Sheffield based dance crew kicked off the show with a remix routine.

Judge Andrew Barker said: “I loved your feisty attitude and energetic routine.

“Your transitions were clean and you were well focused - well done.”

Madeleine Laffoley

Madeleine performed New York by Alicia Keys.

Rebecca Hill said: “I love your song choice but it is a very difficult song to sing.

“You were confident and really committed to those big notes with great projection.”

San Man

San Man performed one of his own songs.

Anthony Bayou said: “You have such great stage presence, it’s a memorable song and an all round great performance.

Rebecca Hill added: “I loved the ‘hairography’ – the way you a swing your hair is great, and the dance moves were good too. You’ve got really good rhythm.”

Dance Daze – HD Crew

The HD dance Crew performed a remix routine.

Jennifer Gorman said: “I loved that you put so much energy into the beginning and end of the performance, but you need to put the same energy into the middle too.

“It was smart choreography - a really good routine.”

Archie Carr

Archie performed Use Somebody by Kings of Leon.

Andrew Barker said: “It’s one of my favourite songs and i loved your take on it vocally, but I would have liked you to have played the guitar harder to give the performance that extra something.”

Emily Hinchcliffe

Emily performed Hey Soul Sister by Train.

Jennifer Gorman said: “You have good pitch and a lovely strong tone for your age.

“It’s a difficult song to sing and you struggled with your breathing in parts, but it was a strong performance and Ithink you have even more to give.”

Dance Daze – Remix Seniors

The Remix Seniors dance crew performed a remix dance routine.

Rebecca Hill said: “I didn’t look away from you once. You had my complete attention throughout and I love to see you so out of breath at the end of the performance, it shows how hard you worked.”

Charly Bunting

Charly performed What If by Kate Winslet.

Anthony Bayou said: “I’m a fan of people with a passion for what they do, and you have that.

“You really committed to those big notes and gave a good performance.

“Keep doing what you’re doing and enjoy yourself.”


Dance Addiction with Maddie.

Dance Addiction performed a dance routine with Maddie on vocals.

Anthony Bayou said: “I liked that the singer didn’t outshine the dancers or vice versa.

“It was well blended, well choreographed - just make sure you don’t let your energy levels drop too soon.”

Brooke Oscroft

Brooke performed Don’t Stop Believing by Journey.

Andrew Barker said: “You’re a natural performer with a great set of lungs for just nine years old.

“It was powerful and had great energy, especially when you got the audience involved.”

Lee England

Lee performed Red by Daniel Merriweather.

Rebecca Hill said: “It was a relaxed performance and you looked comfortable on stage, which makes an audience relax and enjoy it more.

“Great song choice and fabulous vocals.”

Grace Malloy

Grace performed Feel My Love by Adele.

Jennifer Gorman said: “I loved your song choice, and you have a good mix of a head and chest voice.

Gemma Torr

Gemma performed Weak as I am by Skin.

Rebecca Hill said: “You have great energy and you never stopped.

“Your voice is really unique and you have a great stage presence.”

Jade Wilkinson

Jade performed Good Feeling.

Andrew Barker said: “Where did that voice come from?

“For such a petite girl you have an enormous voice – it was note and pitch perfect.”

Dance Addiction

Dance Addiction performed a group dance routine.

Anthony Bayou said: “It’s clear to see you love what you do.

“That was my favourite performance of the night. You really represented the song well.”

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