VIDEO: See our Yorkshire’s Got Talent heat three stars in action

SIXTEEN more singers and dancers battled it out in the third heat of the Advertiser’s Yorkshire’s Got Talent competition at Rotherham’s New York Stadium.

Seven of the acts were chosen to go through to the grand final on Sunday, November 25.

They were: Megan Reddish, Alfie Sheard, Jessica Hobson, Mark Adey, Armonia, Bethany Putt and The Starkins.

They will be joined by the 12 finalists chosen from heat one and two.

Event organiser Tracie Midgley said: "We had once again a huge variety of acts, who were all very talented.

“The final will be hard to judge with a great selection of dancers, bands and singers.

“It looks set to be a fantastic night, so come along and show your support.”

The judges at the third heat were Andrew Barker, managing director of the Advertiser’s sister company, Garnett Dickinson Print; Anthony Bayou, holder of Best UK Hip Hop Dancer 2007 title and owner of Kiveton-based dance school Discreets Urban Dance Academy; Steve Evans, manager of Rotherham United Football Club and James Bradshaw, a dance and music performer from Take2 Stage School,  who is currently appearing in Evita.

The audience was entertained by dancers from Stage It Productions, before each of the contestants performed.

Tickets are now on sale for the grand final. Tickets cost £7 for adults and £3.50 for children. Call the Rotherham Advertiser events team on 01709 571111.

Check out the performers in the videos below . . . and then tell us what you think of the acts. Use the ‘write a comment’ buttons to post your own reviews!



The Encounters

The four-piece band kicked off the show with their own song Rosie.

Andrew Barker said: “I like your indie vibe, your energy and the musical element was really strong.”

James Bradshaw added: “You have a really stylish sound and I loved the vocals.”

Megan Reddish

Megan performed Arms of an Angel by Sarah McLaughlin.

Steve Evans said: “Although you were nervous, it was a pure and emotional performance.

“You are a very attractive young lady and your voice and look went well with the song.”

Andrew Barker added: “That’s my favourite song, and i love the gentle raspy edge of your voice. Well done.”

Alfie Sheard

Alfie performed We Found Love by Rihanna.

Steve Evans said: “There’s no need to be nervous because you have something special – keep performing and you’re going to go far.”

James Bradshaw added: “You are very talented and mature – you show a lot of potential for your age.”

Simone Webb

Simone performed Skyfall by Adele.

Anthony Bayou said: “Your nerves came through in parts but it was a clear performance, you could hit both the high and the low notes, you just need to work on your stage presence.”

Andrew Barker added: “It was a big song to take on, but the risk paid off.”

Anthony Speight

Anthony performed Nessun Dorma by Luciano Pavorotti.

Anthony Bayou said: “Damn, you have some lungs. I was blown away by that performance, you had me gripped.”

James Bradshaw added: “That was an unexpected performance full of emotion.”

Hayley Butler

Hayley performed Light up by Leona Lewis.

Andrew Barker said: “That’s a massive song to sing and it’s hard not to compare you to Leona, but you came a close second.

“It was note perfect and it made the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end.”

Harrison Putt

Harrison performed a freestyle dance routine.

Anthony Bayou said: “Wow, you are flexible as hell.

“You had me gripped with the story you told through dance, just be careful not to look at the audience and be distracted.”

Jessica Hobson

Jessica performed Don’t You Want Me by The Human League.

Steve Evans said: “You already look like a pop star, your vocals were perfect and you are a unique performer.”

Anthony Bayou added: “You have a raw, effortless sound.

“It was a great switch on a classic song – one of my favourite performances of the night.”

Shaun Mdayiwa

Shaun performed a remix of music.

Steve Evans said: My players listen to this music every Saturday in the changing rooms and i usually leave the room as quickly as possible, but i did actually enjoy your performance.

“It was a good remix and you entertained the crowd well.”

Andrew Barker added: “ It was lyrically very good and I love your passion that came through right from the start.”

Mark Adey

Mark performed a Michael Jackson-style dance routine.

Andrew Barker said: “That was mesmerising – I cannot believe you have performed for seven minutes with such energy and not a move out of place.”

Steve Evans added: “You’ve got more moves than my entire team put together. That was amazing, well done.”


The trio of singers performed Sweet Dreams by Eurythmics.

Anthony Bayou said: “It was a great song choice, good choreography and clear vocals.”

James Bradshaw added: “You are three big, powerful voices, in the second half of the song you really came into your element.”

Shannon Lidster

Shannon performed Black Horse and The Cherry Tree by KT Tunstall.

James Bradshaw said: “My foot was tapping the whole time. I love the song and i like your style.”

Anthony Bayou added: “It was a funky track and a unique voice – I loved the blend.

“You built and built to a strong finale and you represented who you are in that performance. Well done.”

UDF Dance Crew

The dance troupe from Ultimate Dance and Fitness performed a remix routine.

Steve Evans said: “That’s what this competition is all about – you should be really proud of yourselves as i can see how much effort went into that.”

Andrew Barker added: “I loved the dance circle where you all performed individually. Just try to smile more to show us how much you enjoyed it.”

Bethany Putt

Bethany performed a freestyle dance routine.

Anthony Bayou said: “I would have liked to have seen more but from what we did see. It was passionate, emotional and your energy levels were consistent which is a hard task.”

James Bradshaw added: “You were foot perfect and I loved your facial expressions.”

Leah Mayo

Leah performed Titanium by David Guetta.

Anthony Bayou said: “It was a beautiful performance but i felt like you had more to give.

Steve Evans added: “The nerves were there, but vocally you were note perfect.

“I would have liked you to have come out from behind the microphone because you have some voice. You just need to believe in yourself.”

The Starkins

The four-piece band performed their own music.

Andrew Barker said: “Well we definitely don’t need to worry about nerves with you guys – you were confident, had huge amounts of energy and it was a brilliant end to the night.”

James Bradshaw added: “You remind me of The Kooks and I hope you take that as a compliment.

“You are all great performers, you all have great character and the entire audience wanted to sing along with you.”