Two Lukes get lucky, lucky, lucky!

TWO friends are quids in after appearing on a live TV game show and holding their nerve in front of two million viewers to net a “phenomenal” £100,000.

THE drinks will be on a couple of Rotherham lads off on a stag do in Magaluf this weekend after they scooped £100,000 on Davina McCall's TV quiz show The Million Pound Drop.

Luke Whydle and Luke Playforth, from Maltby, scooped the second highest prize ever won on the hit Channel 4 show in which contestants given bundles of cash worth up to £1m which they lose if they place them over the incorrect answers to mutiple choice questions.

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The lads lost £825,000 early on, but  went “all in” twice before correctly guessing that more men than women have won The Apprentice TV show in their last poser.

IT analyst Luke W (22) said: “We couldn’t believe what was happening, it just didn’t sink in. You completely forget where you are and I just remember Luke just kept shouting ‘We’ve won 50 grand each!’

“It was all just surreal. You’re there pushing £1 million around in front of you, and there can’t be many people who can say they’ve done that. It only starts to hit you later on, when you realise this is serious money.

“I went back to work on Monday and didn’t get much done to be honest. So my boss said why don’t you take a couple of weeks off and come back.”

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He added: “When we were a couple of minutes from going live I got really scared. Davina talked to me and really calmed me down though.

“After the first couple of questions, you kind of get into enjoying it. When I switched my phone back on afterwards 119 people had congratulated me on my Facebook wall.”


Luke P said the pair were weighing up exactly what to do with the rest of their prize, but Luke W has promised his son Harvey (3) a holiday somewhere sunny.

Luke W also promised a donation to the Jack Marshall Brain Tumour Fund, after wearing a wristband for the stricken six-year-old child’s cause on the show.