Tips on making your house cosy this spring

WE are still spending a lot of time indoors until the weather warms up so it makes sense to try and make the most of your home. But how do you make your domestic space cosier?

Never fear because advice is on its way courtesy of Pacific Palisades realtors — found at — who have collaborated with interior design experts Jaqueline Hamilton and Nicola Rodriguez to reveal tips on how to boost your domestic cosiness.

Here are a few vital tips to put a spot of hot into the cold months.

A spokesperson for Pacific Palisades realtors says: “With the holiday seasons around the corner, people tend to spend most of their time indoors enjoying the warmth and comfort of their homes.  

“Therefore, we want to create an environment where we can relax and feel cosy, away from the harsh weather.  

“Whether it is an old family home or a newly purchased one, decorating your home for the holidays can be a joyful individual or group activity to set the mood for the spring months ahead.”  


According to designer Jacqueline Hamilton, pastel colours can look cold and harsher in the winter months and one way of warming up a room can be using a warm dramatic paint colour. She recommends colours that are taken from nature in the autumn months, such as rich reds, terracotta and warm mustards, which can all bring a depth and cosiness to a room.  

Designer Nicola Rodriguez adds: “If you have areas in your room that look bare, invest in a statement chair or sofa and create a cosy corner by adding a soft lamp on a small side table. This will help maximise your home space and create a welcoming atmosphere.”


“Rugs are such a focal point in any room,” says designer Jaqueline Hamilton.  

“Rugs are not only for wooden or hard floors, but for carpets too. The shaggier and softer the rugs are, the cosier they’ll make a home feel. They also help to keep the heat in during cold winter afternoons,” adds designer Nicola Rodriguez.

“Adding cushions, throws and blankets on your sofas as well as lined heavy curtains also add that cosy feel to a room. Not only do the blankets keep you snug and warm but by adding textures such as knit, sheepskin, chenille and velvet also combine the cosy look and feel,” she adds.


“Candles can change the atmosphere and ambience of a room instantly,” says interior designer Jaqueline Hamilton.

“Not only the glow of a beautifully lit candle can cast a lovely feeling of cosiness to a room but also the scent can do that too.

“Choosing a scented candle can create a gorgeous smell in a room and can evoke a feeling of warmth and wellbeing and bring back memories of past winters.”

Designer Nicola Rodriguez says: “Adding a fragrant reed diffuser, oil/wax burner or plug-in gives the room a cosy feeling before you’ve even opened your eyes. Fragrances such as pine, cinnamon, spiced apple, clove, mulled wine and woody aromas are a must for this season.”


“Using Christmas accessories such as bowls of pine cones or winter floral arrangements is a great way to make your room inviting and cosy,” says Nicola Rodriguez.

“Whether it be faux foliage or fresh that you have gathered from the garden, this is a wonderful way to bring texture and the outside in to your living area,” adds Jacqueline Hamilton.

“Having a fireplace is not necessary, as garlands can be placed on a sideboard or in the form of a wreath on a wall. Adding twinkling lights is another idea to create another lovely mood and display.”