Timelapse video captures graffiti artist at work: WATCH

A GRAFFITI artist whose unique style has been captured on a special time-lapse video says he’d like to help brighten up Rotherham town centre with more of his striking works of art.

The artist, who goes under the name of Phlegm, was commissioned to create a painting in the town’s old market, which is hosting an exhibition of local art as part of the Rotherham Open Arts Festival,  and spent 95 hours creating his fantastical creation.

And he says he’d like to do more work in Rotherham.

“I was struck by how many of Rotherham’s small shops are boarded up. I'd like to come and do some really big work, make some of these unused spaces look interesting.”

The video of Phlegm at work was commissioned by the Rotherham Culture Company, which is behind the arts festival.

“They got in touch with me soon after getting the space. Everyone involved was great, they really trusted me to paint what I wanted,” he said.

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 The RCC also commissioned Sheffield-based videographer Rob Myles to make a video of the artist at work— you can see it below— and it give a unique insight into the process, condensing 95 hours of work into just 10 minutes.

“The filming was something I didn’t think about much at the time. I’ve had a bit of time lapse done before and it's never really been anything that I've felt proud of,” said Phlegm.

“The work that Rob Myles did on this project is fantastic. He was really on the same wavelength. 

“Keeping the editing and music simple, and using the split screen gave it great atmosphere. “

The artist, like fellow graffiti star Banksy, doesn’t reveal his full name, but he says he’d be cheap if Rotherham were to take up his offer

“I'm not someone you pay a fortune and end up with an expensive mural you feel you have to keep forever,” he said.

“I see myself as the opposite. Just chuck me some paint, a few coffees and a bag of chips and I'm happy,” he said.

I’m not interested in status and value in art—my works are just an alternative to a coat of emulsion.

“I love working on a large scale. It's a little tricky sometimes because I don't like to paint backgrounds, so getting an arm in the wrong place or a nose too long is hard to fix.

“My style is a little wonky anyway, so it allows for a degree of bad execution.”

The exhibition is at the old market buildings, Domine Lane, Rotherham. It is open from 11am to 5pm on weekdays and from 10.30am to 5.30pm on Saturdays.