The Pastures Lodge

Two meals for the price of one. Monday Evenings only

The Pastures Lodge, Mexborough, is offering two meals for the price of one on Monday evenings from 4pm-9pm, exclusive to our Silver Service club members.

The full menu is included in the offer, from hot and cold sandwiches to burgers, fish and steak.

The venue is an ideal haven for relaxation and refreshment-The spacious pub is tastefully decorated, service is friendly and attentive, and the delicious food is well presented and generous.

Michael Chappell, owner of the Pastures Lodge said: "We are delighted to be part of the Silver Service Dining Club, and we would like to welcome all members to The Pastures Lodge to choose from our extensive menu - this particular offer invites both old and new customers to come and try our wide range of dishes."



Occupation: Head Chef at The Pastures Lodge

Age: 51

Q When did you first discover your interest to work with food?

A It wasn’t until I was in my teens when I started in a food technology class at school and discovered I was actually good at it. I then left school and studied food at college where I gained the qualifications I needed to go professional. I started work in a kitchen in London, then headed out to Australia before returning to Yorkshire.

Q Is there a dish on the menu you would personally recommend?

A We have a wide selection of dishes to suit all tastes and appetites, but if you’re feeling hungry then I’d definitely recommend you try the fajitas or the steak – they’re great.

Q Do you prefer sweet or savoury?

A Definitely savoury. I’d much rather enjoy a big dinner, than leave room for a dessert.

Q What would be your idea of food heaven?

A You can’t beat a fillet steak with Worcester sauce – heaven on a plate.

Q What would be your food hell?

A A dessert or sweets, I can’t stand sickly sweet or sour candy.

Q What is your favourite spice to cook with?

A Mexican spices are great to work with.

Q What is your favourite dish to prepare?

A I love to cook fish and experiment with different sauces - it’s a hard challenge to match the right fish with the right sauce.

Q What is your favourite cookbook?

A The Hairy Bikers cookbook is a good one, but to be honest, you will learn tips from every single cookbook you read. There’s no perfect dish, there’s always new flavours to dabble with to improve a dish - I’m always looking for new techniques.

Q Do you admire the work of any TV chefs?

A Brian Turner is a great chef.

Q If you had the chance to work with another chef, who would it be?

A A chef called Scott Webster – he is an amazing chef and a friend of mine, he had a restaurant in London then emigrated to Australia. During my time ‘down under’ I worked with him and learnt a lot from him, he’s a very talented guy.

Q What are the pros and cons of working in the kitchen?

A I get to do what I love, but don’t be fooled, it’s a hard life – long hours and hard work.

Q What is your favourite gadget in the kitchen?

A I don’t mess about with fancy gadgets, as long as I’ve got my knifes, I’m sorted.

Q What are your main rules of the kitchen?

A Alongside the general safely and hygiene rules, the only rule I have is to arrive on time. If someone arrives late and service has already begun, it causes chaos. Arrive on time and I’m a pretty nice guy to work for.

Q In no more than five words, how would you describe your food?

A Good quality and plentiful portions.


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