Strictly's off to Wembley

THERE was more at stake than usual at the weekend on Strictly with all the contestants fighting for a place at the Wembley show-down on Saturday.

They will wave goodbye to the BBC studio and say hello to a crowd of 6,000 in a Strictly first for the dance competition.

Speaking about week seven Lloyd said:

Alex’s Jive was again, a dance too fast for her, but she put everything she could into it. Robbie’s American Smooth, was a bit patchy, but his Fairy Godmother helped him immensely.

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Audley’s Cha Cha Cha,was too staccato and not very Latin, but he did his best, unfortunately it wasn't good enough, so he had to go.

Harry’s Argentine Tango was dynamic and artistic, of all the male dancers, I fancy him the most, (to win), Len needs some glasses.

Jason’s Viennese Waltz was as nice as a Viennese Whirl, great biscuit, even greater dance. Chelsee’s Foxtrot, was one of her best yet, she earned every point and deserved the ten, brilliant.

Anita’s Argentine Tango was full of verve and atmosphere, she bossed it, smashing. Holly’s Rumba, with new partner Brendan, was an excellent first dance, more to come I hope.

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Russell’s American Smooth was full of showbiz pizzazz, good entertainment.

We are now down to eight, from the original 14 and with so many good dancers left in, it’s hard to single out one.

I think the public will keep Russell in, so I will go for Alex or, sadly, Anita, but good luck to them all.

Amy’s view:

I have a new hero: Audley Harrison. He deserved to go as he is now the weakest dancer in the competition but the way he said he would leave to allow Anita to continue was admirable.

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I’ve been so impressed by his fighting spirit and to get to week seven was a major achievement. Natalie deserves a lot of the credit because without her, I’m not sure Audley and his size 17 feet would have made it so far. Top bloke, pleasure to watch.

Someone else who made me smile at the weekend, Russell. So flipping funny watching that man jump around in a gold suit. Genius TV.

My favourite dance was Harry’s Tango, I felt that Alex’s Jive showed her lack of dance technique and finally Len told Holly to stop looking down. I’ve been shouting that at the screen all series.

Who will top the table at Wembley? I guess Jason will be back on top.

Relegated? Tough call, I’m going Anita based on last week’s bottom two.

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