Strictly spooky goings on . . .

Monday was a strange day. First of all there was a breakdown of communication somewhere along the line and Flavia missed her connecting train up to North Wales. By the time she arrived Monday was almost over and done with.

On top of that I had to schedule time in the afternoon to visit our local hospital. The knee has continued to play me up so the doctors thought it would be a good idea to have an MRI scan to see what’s going on.

It is rather painful and I will have to watch what I get up to, but luckily this week’s dance is the Samba and that means a little less wear and tear on the knee.

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As we approach Halloween we shouldn't have been surprised to encounter one or two inexplicable happenings in our rehearsal rooms which are over 100 years old.

First of all I heard someone call “Russell”, but there was no-one to be seen. Then Flavia heard someone cry out, but again there was no-one to be seen. To top it all I saw a figure run along the back of the balcony and apparently this is not the first time that people have seen this strange apparition in the hall! It’s all very spooky!

Although the practice sessions have been shortened by Monday’s events everything has gone very smoothly. Flavia and I both love the Samba. It has its origins in Brazil and it is THE dance of the carnival season so that should be fun for everyone! Flavia says many people find it one of the more tricky steps to master, but I feel quite at home with this rhythmical, exciting dance. And Flavia agrees!

There’s a whole host of the kindest and most thoughtful letters and cards to read through and answer and that’s always a priority. Thank you to everyone who has written in – your encouragement and support means so much to me.

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Thank goodness for an early night Wednesday. I was wacked out after a totally taxing, tiring time over the last couple of days. A lovely bit of smoked haddock for tea and in bed for ten o’clock because Thursday is an early start.

Up before 6.00 and off we go leaving our lovely Wales and heading south to London. Today’s schedule has a lot of press interviews and joining Zoe for “It Takes Two” in the evening and somewhere along the line Flavia and I need to find time to practice our Samba.

Friday morning I shall be dropping in on Chris Evans to join him for his breakfast show and then back to the ballroom for some last minute rehearsals.

It certainly is a demanding time. The days fly by and there is hardly a spare moment to rest and relax. But I am loving every minute of it. This is definitely THE time of my life and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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I know the rest of the gang will have been working just as long and as hard as I have and I am sure we are all feeling the pace one way or another.

I think you’ll enjoy Saturday’s show and although we will all be having a great time it will be tinged with sadness as we will have to say goodbye to one our small band.

See you Saturday and Thanks for being there!