Strictly speaking, it was so exciting!

Well…. There we are - all good things must come to an end.

Saturday’s Wembley show was an exhilarating, exciting exit for me and I could have asked for a better send off.

The Big Bang theory saw me flying through the air with maybe not the greatest of ease and then landing to jive with the fabulous Flavia. It was all great fun, but you know and I know that each week one couple flies through the air and lands with a bump!

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Even so the audience gave us a standing ovation. Sir Bruce claimed I had “Done it again!” Alisha said “Just when you think you’ve seen it all – that was the best ever entrance on Strictly” Bruno claimed it as an “Incredible or bit of madness” and he “Loved it!”

Craig was reduced to a “Revolutionary!”

Len added that whenever people talk about the history of “Strictly” they will always say “Do you remember when Russell Grant flew out of that cannon at Wembley?”

In many ways it is sad to go; I will miss the other dancers and all the wonderful people who have helped me backstage and away from the camera’s lens in production, wardrobe and make up. In other ways it will be nice to catch my breath before the final show and spend more time at home in the mountains of Wales and start learning lines for my pantomime season in Milton Keynes.

We have waved goodbye to some lovely people and there will be more sad moments before the final in Blackpool but that’s what the show is all about.

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Well Good Luck to all those still on the floor. They are all fabulous dancers. Each one of them deserves to win. I will miss you all, but I won’t miss those long practice sessions or those nerve racking results shows!

I shall end where I started – All good things come to an end! See you soon my friends



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